The Shakey Bridge, Cork City, Ireland

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The Shakey Bridge, Cork City, Ireland.

The Shakey Bridge is a very famous bridge in Cork also called Daly’s Bridge. It is a suspension bridge. It stands up to its name quite well, on a windy day if you are crossing it shakes quite a bit it is not for the faint hearted.

The bridge crossed the famous River Lee from Sunday’s Well on the north side to Fitzgerald’s Park area on the south side of the river.

It was built by a London based company David Rowell & Company, to the design of Stephen W. Farrington the Cork City Engineer. It is the only suspension bridge in Cork City.

The bridges official name came from a Cork businessman named: James Daly, he contributed to the cost of the bridge.

In colloquial terms the bridge is called:  (the “Shakey Bridge” or “Shaky Bridge”). It is without doubt one of them most famous and well recognised landmarks in Cork. If you are visiting Cork go and have a look and you can also visit the beautiful Fitzgerald’s Park for lovely day out with the family.

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