Please recycle our greeting cards if you are not keeping them as a keepsake.

Recycling a single card may seem like a small act, but it may have a big impact. It also helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean. Recycling greeting cards promotes sustainability and encourages others to adopt eco-friendly habits. So, the next time you receive a greeting card, don’t throw it away, if you are not keeping it as a keepsake – recycle it!

Just to let you know, all our cards are designed and printed in Cork City and West Waterford.

Some companies choose to import cards into Ireland from China and other countries with little or no concern about the environmental impact of air travel on the planet.

All our Irish Cards are printed here in Ireland.

Plastic Polybags

Although it is essential to protect greeting cards, it is equally important to do it in an environmentally responsible way and consider peoples health. With that in mind we went out and asked some of our customers and stockists “Did they want polybags on our cards, or not”?

The vast majority of people asked said “they would prefer to have the polybag on the card for reasons of hygiene“.

They stated that they did not want to be sending a card to someone that may have been handled, in some cases, numerous times by other people. Covid-19 really brought this home to us.

Having no polybag on the greeting card can also result in quantities of extra cards been damaged creating even more waste for the environment. Envelopes being stolen from open cards create a lot of stress for shops owners and card suppliers as well.

We have decided to listen to our customers and pack our cards in polybags. So our message here is please recycle and keep our environment as clean as possible and stay safe.