What is an eCard?

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E cards are suspended temporarily pending a software update but we can assure you they will be available soon.

An E-card is a digital postcard or greeting card that is usually send by email instead of posting it. Digital means in this instance that the card is designed and saved on a computer as a picture or an image. It is not printed like a card you see in the supermarket or store.

The main benefit of sending an eCard is that your recipient will also get your message of love or kind wishes to accompany the image, much the same as would write on a card, you would post. When you email the eCard it remains in that persons email and could be looked at again anytime in the future, unless they delete the email.

Your may also print the image when you receive the eCard from someone in your email. Just be aware that images sent as eCards over the internet are usually not as high resolution as images that are used for printing. So your print may look a bit different from the image you see on your computer monitor.

eCard Rising In Popularity over 500%

eCards were never more popular than they are now. Keeping in touch with people and loved ones is vitally important. There has been at least a 500% increase in eCards sent from this website over the past few weeks alone. It is so easy to send, it is almost instantaneously delivered to a person anywhere in the world.

The joy of receiving an eCard is no less I can tell you listening to the feedback from people who receive our cards.

So go on send one today.

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