Cove Queenstown and Cobh

Cove Queenstown and Cobh, Original Recording, By: Sean Treacy Ireland, Thanks to all at the Cobh Heritage, Centre, Titanic Experience, musicians, backing singer and recording studio engineer.

This song was arranged in St.Colman’s, Cathedral, Cobh. Co. Cork.  It’s about Annie Moore, Immigration, Ellis Island, The R.M.S. Lusitania, R.M.S. Titanic, Spike island, and historical events concerning Cobh.

I play my music with the name  “Sean Treacy” sometimes depending on the humour I’m in. Sean is the Irish for John.

Mayor Mulvihill

Launches “Cove Queenstown and Cobh” by Sean Tracey

Labour Party Website: Sunday 30 November, 2008

“It is a great honour for me as mayor of Cobh to be asked to officially launch this Song, and this exhibition”.

As we look around us we can see a display of the work of Sean Tracey not only in photographs but also in song ring in our ears.


Documentary video

About the song ” Cove Queenstown and Cobh”.

This documentary is a trip though history, documented though modern day Cobh . It is about the lives of the people of Cobh and how they dealt and lived with several tragedies through history, Including mass emigration of over three million people from Ireland to New York.

Annie Moore, the first Irish immigrant to be processed in Ellis Island. Irish people were held prisoner in Spike Island just off of the Cobh pier, prisoners were sent from there into slavery while Ireland was occupied by Colonial England in the 1840’s. Spike Island is now an award winning tourist attraction.

Cobh Heritage Centre

This may sound a bit strange but the day I started to write this song I was in Cobh Heritage Center, sitting drinking a cup of coffee when I felt this strange calling from the sea or somewhere to write something about the whole history of the place. Something kept saying to me there was more to be said and I was obviously the one to say it.

I think my partner in my company on the day thought there was something extra strong in the coffee when I started to tell her what I was feeling. I felt nearly physically sick at times for the next few days as the words came to me. I usually write songs in a few minutes but this was a marathon for me. It sounds very strange I know but maybe there are other songwriters who have experienced something similar when writing.


Original Song: By: Sean Treacy – “Crosshaven”. Video below recorded live in Cork Airport, Ireland on 1st July 2018, during a launch of my Digital Art Exhibition  The original recording sounds a little different but this is a nice recording as well.  

I wrote this song over thirty years ago at a festival in Crosshaven. It is one of the most popular songs at my live shows. I often get requests to sing it several times a night. 

Crosshaven is a beautiful little seaside village, a magnet for tourist and locals alike.  I wrote a Poem with the song and I designed a scroll depicting old Crossshaven. There was a dance hall called the Majorca in the village. The song was first released on an EP called “Mist Nights”. 




Dancing In The Kitchen

  Band  “Dancing in the Kitchen”. On stage: Front Left on Fiddle: Fiona Mulcahy, Back Left: Jim Malloy: Uilleen Pipes / Whistle, Back Middle: Brian Kenny: Cajon, Back Right: Ronan Tattan, Front Right: John Paul Tattan, Accordion, Front Middle: Sean Treacy Guitar / Vocals. Video By: Ross Carey, Keno Shout Video Productions. At the launch of a my Digital Art Exhibition in July 2018 in Cork Airport.