The first step is where all journeys begin


The first step is where all journeys begin.

The time in life comes when you realise things have got to a point when you or a loved one needs to take the first step to restart in a new and more positive direction.

Be here NOW and start again, have the courage to begin again, we all have to face hard challenges from time to time in life.

Bring your friend or relative back to the now with this Card. Help them start their new journey.

There is no fear in now, no yesterday or no tomorrow, just now, be here to enjoy it.

Cards made with love for the world by, John Christopher Treacy – who had to start many times.

Irish Cards – Designed and Printed in Ireland

Shape: Square




Greeting Card

The first step is where all journeys begin

Price Includes: Postage

Card Size: 5 x 5 inches or 135mm x 135mm: approx

Shape: Square


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