Boy and Geese – Midleton


This statue Boy and Geese depicted in the Digital Art Piece By: John Christopher Treacy, is located on hospital road on the village green called the “Gooses Acre”. In the statue is a poor boy in remembrance to the workhouse that was in the town many years ago, it had many poor boys who were young orphans. Midleton used to host a market every Thursday in those days and the town used to be full of geese. It now has a farmers market every Saturday Morning, not sure where all the geese are gone. 

Midleton, is a busy town in East Cork, Ireland. The home of the famous Jameson Distillery at the top of the town, it has great shops, pubs  restaurants and of course lovely people as well.


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5″x 5″ inches or 130mm x 130mm – Approx. Size



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Boy and Geese – Midleton

Boy and Geese

5″x 5″ inches or  130mm x 130 mm – Approx.  Size



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Square Card

5"x 5" inches or 130mm x 130 mm – Approx. Size

Free Envelope to Re-Post

5 x 5 or 135mm x 135mm Square Card

5 x 5 or 135mm x 135mm Square Card. Approx Size


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