Be here to enjoy the now

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Be here to enjoy the now eCard

The time in life comes when you realise there is really only one time, that is, the now. Everything in our earth happens, just now. So be here to enjoy it but some people are so busy they lose sight of it.

So this is what this eCard is all about.

Bring your friend or relative back to the now with this eCard. Help them to enjoy every second of this day.

There is no fear in now, no yesterday or no tomorrow, just now.

Cards made with love for the world by: John Christopher Treacy

Irish Cards – Designed and Printed in Ireland


Shape: Square




Greeting Cards

Be here to enjoy the now

Be here to enjoy the now GCard


Price Includes: Postage and a free envelope to re-post

Card Size: 5 x 5 inches or 135mm x 135mm: approx

Shape: Square


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