Irish Greeting Cards

Irish Greeting Cards by: John Christopher Treacy post image

As this business expands into multiples of shops, garden centres, flower shops and other businesses stocking these unique Irish Greeting Cards they are becoming more and more in demand.  Local and very unusual designs are what makes the cards stand out from the rest and make them so unique.

The feedback we are getting is that it is amazing to be able to get cards of this quality designed by such a fantastic local Irish designer.

John Christopher Treacy is a member of Visual Arts Ireland (VAI) a renowned Irish Digital Artist in his own right, hosting a Digital Art Exhibition in Shannon Airport from February to May in 2019 and another one for the month of July in Cork Airport in 2018.

Some people are actually buying his cards and framing these as Digital Art images.  As his digital art becomes more popular these cards may well become very valuable images in themselves. Don’t forget most of these digital images on the cards are actually signed by John as well.

This Irish greeting card business is based in Cork City Ireland and has been trading since 2014 but now the most exciting news is that you will soon be able to access the cards in shops nationwide as the business expands out of Cork. How brilliant is that? And just to say thank you to all our loyal customers who buy our cards on a regular basis and to the businesses who stock our cards, thank you so much for all your support.

Go raibh maith agat.

Sean Críistóir Ó Treasaigh

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